Collaborative Projects - Joint PhD positions

Parts of the administrative budget will be allocated to support 5 joint PhD projects across different centers and groups. These positions were distributed on a competitive basis upon collaborative project proposals from participating AMPro labs. Research on Aging is an emerging, innovative and socially central topic, where specifically trained young scientists are an essential resource. By recruiting new talents into this consortium we will provide a pioneering platform with critical mass to promote specific training modalities. Following five project were granted.

1. The influence of gut microbiota on aging-induced decline in enteroendocrine cell function and its consequences for metabolic disease

2. Aging-associated metabolic reprogramming suppresses anti-tumor T cell responses

3. Genetic analysis of full length versus processes Progranulin function on neurodegeneration, aging, autophagy, neuronal stem cells ans response to brain injury

4. Evaluation of itaconic acid, mesaconic acid and tricarboxylic acid cycle intermediates as biomarkers for risk of inflammaging-associated common disorders

5. Epigenetic remodeling of hematopoietic stem cells as a driver of aging during chronic infection