Collaborative Projects - Joint PhD Positions

Group Leaders

Dr. Till Strowig, HZI, Microbial Immune Regulation
Dr. Siegfried Ussar, HMGU Institute for Diabetes and Obesity, Adipocyte and Metabolism

Dr. Guoliang Cui, DKFZ - Division of Tumor Immunology, T cell metabolism
Dr. Maria Rohm, HMGU - Institute for Diabetes and Cancer, Tissue Crosstalk in Cancer Metabolism

Dr. Bettina Schmid, DZNE, Zebra Fish Models
Dr. Jovica Ninkovic, HMGU - Institute for Stem Cell Research, Neurogeneis and Regeneration

Dr. Christian Gieger, HMGU - Institute of Epidemiology, Molecular Epidemiology
Dr. Frank Pessler, HZI - TWINCORE, Biomarkers for Infection and Immunity

Dr. Ulrich Kalinke, HZI, Experimental Infection Research
Dr. Daniel Lipka, DKFZ - Division of Epigenomics and Cancer Risk Factors, Regulation of Cellular Differentiation