AMPro Annual Meeting 2020


The 2020 Annual Meeting took place in the beautiful villa of the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung, located in a side part of the Castle of Nymphenburg in the western part of Munich.

All AMPro priciple investigators and their senior scientist working within AMPro were invited to join on January 15th to 16th 2020. The meeting focuses on the comparison of already received goals to the original plan in the proposal.

Were there changes and/or add-ons? Are their challenges?
Every group could shortly present results, break-throughs, add-ons, new plans and projects in short talks. In addition enough time was reserved for detailed discussions.

In addition our new AMPro members were invited to present themselfes, their work and their plans within AMPro.
Celia Jimenez-Martinez, HMGU
Pavlo Lutsik, DKFZ
Natalia Rodriguez-Muela, DZNE
Tomohisa Toda, DZNE

Click here to have  a look at the agenda.