Luiz Gustavo dos Anjos Borges

Luiz scientific work in one sentence

Identify microbiomes or bacteria consortium on human peripheral tissues that may affect the central nervous system.

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Short CV

PhD: Pathology (held on 2016, at Federal University of Health Science of Porto Alegre – UFCSPA - Brazil)
Current Position: Postdoc at Helmholtz Centre of Infection Research, Braunchweig

5 questions about research - past, present, future

1. What are your primary tasks and responsibilities in your actual position?
To develop bioinformatics solutions and analyze microbiome datasets generated by high-throughput sequencing from human samples related with health and disease condition

2. What is it that gives you pleasure and/or satisfaction the most?
To uncover the importance of microbiomes on processes that may be associated to health and disease condition 

3. Which research question(s) affects you at the moment? What is its social significance?
What is the role of the microbiome on symptomatology of different disease? Can we modulate a microbiome to prepare the next human generation to be less symptomatic or asymptomatic to chronic degenerative diseases currently affecting the life of elderly people?

4. Which publication influenced you the most?
The microbiota programs DNA methylation to control intestinal homeostasis and inflammation.

5. What do you like most about AMPro? What are your particular plans within the collaboration?
The diversity of scientific minds that participate of this research consortium.

3 questions beyond research

1. Which book and/or movie has lately affected you the most?
Sapiens – Yuval Noah Harari (book) and  Green Book (movie)

2. What are your hobbies?
Music and sports

3. What is your favorite color, season and/or football (or other sports) club?
My favorite color is Red. The spring is the season I like most. I support the Sport Club Internacional (Brazilian soccer team).