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Daniel Lipka

Daniels's scientific work in one sentence

My group studies the effects of intrinsic (e.g. development, differentiation, proliferation) and extrinsic (e.g. stress, age, environmental) factors on epigenomic integrity and how resulting epigenomic aberrations lead to increased risk of malignant transformation.

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Short CV

University Studies: Medical School, 1995-2002, Heidelberg University
PhD: 2006, Heidelberg University
Current Position: Head, Section Translational Cancer Epigenomics, Division of Translational Medical Oncology, DKFZ/NCT Heidelberg

What is - in your opinion - your best publication?

Wierzbinska J.A., Toth R., Ishaque N., Rippe K., Mallm J.P., Klett L.C., Mertens D., Zenz T., Hielscher T., Seifert M., Kuppers R., Assenov Y., Lutsik P., Stilgenbauer S., Roessner P.M., Seiffert M., Byrd J., Oakes C.C., Plass C. and Lipka D.B. Methylome-based cell-of-origin modeling (Methyl-COOM) identifies aberrant expression of immune regulatory molecules in CLL. Genome Med (2020);12(1):29.

What are your most important prize and membership?

Prizes: Eugene Cronkite Award (First Prize for Postdoctoral Fellows), International Society for Experimental Hematology (ISEH), 2014
Young Investigator Award, German Society of Hematology / Oncology (DGHO), 2007

Memberships: European Hematology Association (EHA),
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hämatologie und Onkologie (DGHO)